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Boot Warning & Inaccurate Knock-Offs

The 501st maintains a moderately tight rein on costume authenticity. Supported by their rules and regulations, what people may tell you, what your
local garrison may allow and what the true reality is, can be exceptionally different.

I will be the first to admit, I've seen a massive influx of extremely low quality products flooding into the costuming world, generally created by
profiteers and amateur garage builders and while I'll never understand why fans accept such poorly manufactured goods, they do. Some perhaps
out of desperation for obtaining a specific piece, while some may not honestly understand that which they are purchasing is quite sub-par.

Boots are an absolutely unique and highly personal item, you must be well informed and knowledgeable when purchasing. They carry and support you, they help to keep
you upright and walking tall, all while being generally ignored and neglected. At the end of the day, you feet will thank you or boldly
chastise your choice for opting to save a few dollars. Lasting a few months or lasting many years will determine their quality.

Currently you will find many low quality boots being sold on ebay. To better help you meet 501st requirements, we've outlined many common
issues with these knock-offs.

Honestly, we want you to purchase our boots, but once you have tried our boots and worn them in action, we
know with all certainty you'll be glad you chose 'TK Boots'.

The infamous stitched center seam.
The stitched seem which runs up the center of most low quality boots is not accepted. This seam is used to help
make construction easier and believe me, it does. Using this seam placement does make the boots easier to build and also cheaper,
as you can use smaller pieces of leather which would other be scrap. It also makes forming the boot easier and helps to eliminate the potential
wrinkles where the leather bends upwards from the foot.
Many of the boots you'll find for sale on-line have these stitched seems, but the sellers purposely
photograph the boots so the seams are somewhat hidden. They know exactly what they're doing and
this technique is highly deceptive. If you attempt to return the boots, they frequently charge a 15% restocking fee.
Remember: 'TK Boots' do not have any seams on the front.


If you examine the above photo of a low quality costume ebay boot carefully, you'll notice the center stitched seam has been purposely
angled so as not to be overly visible. You will also notice the sole is too thin and looks like a low quality dress shoe
or children's style shoe. Selling for $39.00 to $68.00, these low quality plastic boots do not meet 501st requirements.

The partial or 'moderate' stitched center seam.
 The partial center seam is also unacceptable by club standards.
While many use this design, it will not meet 'Centurion' grading requirements.
This seam is used on most boots as it's placement, once again, allows for easier forming of the leather
and allows for smaller pieces of leather to be utilized. This small seaming process also helps to reduce
the inevitable or potential wrinkling of the leather as it's formed, turning upwards from the top of foot.

In the image below, you can see an extremely obscure stitching pattern and center seam of a low quality boot
costing approx. $150.00. These boots are not accepted by 501st costuming standards. If you examine the stitching closely,
you can clearly see the stitching is exceptionally sloppy and highly unprofessional. Compare this construction to an
authentic 'TK Boot' and the choice becomes very clear.

The below photo is a competitor's boot.

The shortened upper region.
Many boots are produced with a shortened upper region. While this may not affect the boots
ability to qualify for club usage, it can cause fans a great deal of continuous grief.
'TK Boots' are designed to be worn with an armor costume. The calf armor on most fans has a tendency
to frequently twist and hang up on the top of the boot.
'TK Boots' eliminated this issue by making these beautiful boots taller, placing the boot higher up inside the armor pieces.
This helps to prevent the calf armor from hanging up on the top of the boot.
Also, let's be very honest and upfront here, the original ankle height boots look absolutely terrible in real life, as fans
can see the gap between the boot and armor, frequently exposing the wearers socks. While some so-called experts insist on using
the shorter boot/shoe, in reality they do not look like a true, professional military boots. At conventions where you'll be photographed,
it's important to look your best, professional and well put together.

Sole Thickness
There's little doubt that we're the most obsessive builder of trooper boots, but we have to be. We can't settle for less
than perfection and the sole of the boot is just as important as the upper.
On 'TK Boots', you'll instantly see the sole is approx. 0.55 thick, over 1/2 an inch.
This thicker sole gives the boots a truly military characteristic, a real 'Mag-Grip' appearance which the Empire
requires of their boots. If you look at competing products you'll instantly notice the soles are thin, more like a dress shoe or children's shoes.
Thin soles are simply unacceptable.

Stitched Soles
The construction of a high quality boot should demand a welted sole. Welting is the process
where soles are stitched in place along with high temp, pressure applied adhesive.
If you look at most boots sold on-line, you'll instantly notice the soles are secured exclusively
by cementing. This is actually acceptable by most standards, but we demanded the best and that's
exactly what you'll receive.

 In the below image, you can clearly see the seam where the white upper material is joined to the sole.
Wrinkles are highly visible and the seam appears to have some type of adhesive or touch up paint splattered
around the edge.

The below photo is a competitor's boot.

You can see the extremely low quality and careless manner in which the upper
was joined to the sole.

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TK Boots is not affiliated with any studio or production company and claims no affiliation with such. Any images on this
site which may be construed as relating to any film or production is purely coincidental.
The boots displayed and sold from this web site are a reproduction 'disco style' boot and are in no way being sold or represented
as any style or design of boot from any film production or specific costume. The footwear sold from this site may be used in a multitude of applications and are not to be purchase and re-sold as anything but standard footwear.
www.TKBoots.com assumes no liability for misuse of this footwear or any misrepresentation of such footwear.