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Less than Perfect

Boot Stretching




Currently all of our boots are produced in US Men's full sizes only. In the future we will stock a larger inventory of boots in both full and half sizes.

Donning & Doffing Issues Based on Design

The style/design of this boot does not utilize laces, Velcro or zippers. The neck region is also more narrow than a traditional cowboy boot or similar slip on boot sold at a local department store.
Remember, we must follow this exact design as these are Centurion acceptable boots. If you have a wide foot, this boot will prove difficult for you to slide into. Our boots are running slightly narrow and for fans with wider feet, going up one size may be advisable.

Want to learn more about stretching boots, click on this link.

Instep/Vamp: A boots instep aka vamp, is the distance from the top of the upper portion to the inside sole of the shoe. As you can see, based upon the design of this specific style of boots, there are NO laces, NO Velcro and NO zippers. This means the instep is set and fans who may have a steep or tall instep, will have a difficult time donning this boot.
The same donning issue arises if a fan possesses a wide foot.

There is a cure!
Boots can be stretched in three ways.
1. Length
2. Width
3. Instep/Vamp

The width of a boot can be increased almost 1 entire size.
The length of a boot can sometimes be stretched approx. 1/2 size.
The instep can be stretched between 1/2 to 1 full size, but it must be done carefully.

I would recommend, if required, having a local shoe/boot repair shop stretch your boots. They will have the correct equipment and also the stretching solution to help 'set' the leather. Stretching is very inexpensive.

Best Sizing Rule To Follow:

Size C-Width boots run true to length and slightly narrow. So, it may be safe to say the boots run slightly small.
Size D-Width TK Boots are considered a US Men's medium width. Most boots, off-the-shelf, are a D-width.

Based on our local garrison, we've found a size 10's  will not fit a size 10 1/2, but an 11 will actually work quite well.

If you wear between a size 10 1/2 to 11, then use our size 11 and install a pair of gel or memory foam insoles and wear thick socks.

If you have a wide foot, use our D-Width or E-Width boots. Check the below chart. You may need to jump to the next full size and then compensate for the additional length by using memory foam/gel insoles and wearing thick socks. If you have an exceptionally wide foot, our boots will not work properly for you. In time, we  hope to add wide sizes.

We only have US Men's full sizes, widths C, D & E for this new production run, we will not be producing 1/2 sizes for the time being.

For UK sizes, I've found going one size up to the next US full size seems to work quite well. In other words, a UK size 10 best equates to a US size 11, D-Width. For the past many years, this policy seems to have worked perfectly. But again, remember our C-Width boots are running slightly narrow.

In truth, the majority of our fans are not experiencing any problems, but those with very wide feet are experiencing difficulty, making the D-Width or E-Width boots preferred.

C-Width boots are slightly narrow, whereas D-Width boots in the USA are considered medium widths and are the most common.

The below image is of a Brannock Device. This device is used by almost every shoe store in America and most of the world to
obtain a precise measurements of a persons foot, both right and left. This device is exceptionally accurate.
I would recommend visiting a shoe/boot store and have your feet measured. The width is very crucial, don't forget.
Ladies can also use this device, they have a ladies version and a mens, but as our boots are sized in US Men's sizes, it is best to
measure your foot in a men's sizing.

How to use a Brannock Device.
The below video is very helpful as not everyone knows how to use a Brannock Device.
Video courtesy of San Luis Podiatry

 The chart below is the most common sizes for men's shoe/boot widths.


Professional stretching has resolved this issue for most.

Sizing for ladies has proven to be difficult. In some boots, we have found that a ladies size 8 equals a US Men's size 7 C-Width, but on this particular run, we have found that is not always the case. My wife for example wears a size 9 1/2 to a 10 in US ladies sizes, but in our boots, the US Men's size 9 C-Widths fit. The size 9's C-Widths fit her nicely allowing her to wear a thicker sock and also the addition of insoles to make them even more comfortable.  Meaning, ladies sizes are a 1/2 size smaller than US men's. So, if you are ordering for ladies, please remember, we do not produce half sizes, at least for this run but we hope to in the future. Remember, C-Widths are working nicely for lady troopers.

For myself, I wear a size 13 in Bass, Timberland, Johnston Murphy and most brands. If I wear a thin sock, our size 13 C-Width TK Boots fit me extremely well. No issues with length or width. If however, I wear a thick athletic sock, the size 13 C-Widths are tight on me, but they stretched beautifully after being worn and broken in. They were pretty snug but a slight stretching helped tremendously. The more I wear them, the better they feel. The size 13 D-Widths fit me extremely well while wearing thick socks. I would recommend size 13 D-Widths for most males.

I would highly recommend that to properly fit a lady, visit a local shoe store and try on any major brand of shoes (Nikes or Adidas) in US men's sizes. Then, take note of that specific US full size. Remember, if we sell out of boots, exchanging them may not be possible, only a refund until the next boots are completed. We need to be very careful. We can probably send you a buyer for the boots and this will eliminate having to ship them back to us.

To really obtain the best possible fit, check with your friends in your garrison and if anyone of them have your size, try our boots on. Make sure they're using our current, newest version.

Please be patient, we're working very hard to accommodate your boot requirements.

The lengths of the boots have also been very accurate per size. The boots are running quite true to size but unlike our previous runs, they will not fit a half size larger.

We're quite sure you're going to love your new TK Boots!

If you have a question, e-mail us! We'll be happy to offer advise. troopersupplies@hotmail.com


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