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Prototype Development

AsIt's been approx. 20 years since we first began building reproduction white leather boots for the 501st, actually, we started before the costuming fan club had been formed. During this time we have experienced a great number of ups and down, most of which were caused by our never ending effort to produce the highest quality boot for a fair and reasonable price. As with most businesses, we are now seeing a large number of extremely low quality boots flooding the market, most of which do not meet the costuming standards as set forth by the 501st, but out of desperation or negligence, fans are buying them, hoping for better that what they actually receive. I do regret this happening as it's actually our fault. You see, in searching for a consistently higher quality product, we've not been able to meet the demand by costuming fans and this has opened the door to the lower quality suppliers. We're trying to change this and I believe we will be soon!

Many of the low quality boots being sold on other sites are actually quite costly with prices ranging between $120.00 to $180.00 or more. It's quite sad, but a large number of these builders are preying upon fans and their low standards are reflected in the products.

We are very proud to have been the first and also the best and we promise that we will continue to work hard in an effort to bring you the highest quality boots for the best possible price, as we've always done. Now, when I stated 'the first', allow me to clarify. There had a few misc. suppliers who were selling similar boots, but they were usually just painted versions of a commercially produced boot, which is certainly acceptable as this was how the studio created their original film used boots. We were the first to actually produce this specific style of boot utilizing white leather and therein enhance the design making a perfected product for use with fan armor.

We thought you might enjoy seeing a few of our prototypes, leading to what we hope will be our final production master which is set to begin production immediately.

Each of the boots in the below image represents one of 6 prototypes we have developed.

The boot on the far right is our most recent prototype. The five boots leading up the end pair represent the other designs sold previously.

Below are a few photos of our extremely early boots, many of which are still being used by their original owners!

The boots in the above three photos were a special design, one of our earliest, with a custom ankle wrap. This leather ankle wrap with a Velcro closure allowed the calf armor to be clam-shelled around the boot without damaging the leather upper of the boots which was visible to the public. This worked extremely well, except for larger fans, whereas the extra leather caused their calf armor to be slightly tight. After a year, this design was changed to a move conventional boot.

This highly unique early pair of boots was created using a special pearlized leather. The leather was created to match a few custom early armor kits.

The pair in the photo below was an early designed which we sold for many years. Most are still being used today with great success, cherished by their owners.


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