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Less than Perfect

Boot Stretching



Less Then Perfect But Still Better Than The Rest!

Due to the shape of the boots and the one piece front portion of the boots which much be formed on a mold in an upwards manner while being stretched
down and back, sometimes the leather wrinkles.
On black boots this is not very noticeable but on white leather boots, any slight flaw is much more dominant.


Most of the problems with appearance of the boots will vanish once the boots are being worn and the  leather is stretched by your foot.

These boots can be used with a clean, glossy trooper, as even the very best pair of boots will naturally wrinkle with use and time. I tend to be overly meticulous and find flaws with even the best pairs.

We try to always ship the very best boots and we tend to be overly meticulous in judging product. As a result, we normally have a high quantity of boots which we may consider to be 'seconds' or 'less than perfect'.

The issues are normally very small and in fact, most are not visible when being worn. But, we want you to be happy with your boots. Normal wearing of your boots will cause them to wear and age, this aging effect will only enhance your boots and make them appear battle worn or at least 'well trooped in!'

Here are a few photos of issues we consider to be 'less-than-perfect.'

If you are building a sandy or aging your armor,  please enquire if we have any available.

The photos below are actually quite extreme. In truth, most fans who purchase our LTP boots see virtually no imperfection.

 Remember, the most pair of leather shoes/boots will naturally wrinkle and age with use.









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