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501st Approved Around The World And The Original Builder & Designer Of 'TK Boots!'TM
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About Us

As fellow enthusiasts who have helped to support and grow the armor community for the past 22 years, we became tired of searching for an accurate 1970's style boot which would meet our strict requirements and those of the 501st fan club.We wanted to find a pair of boots constructed of the highest quality leather, true white elastic sides, quality stitching, leather lining, with the correct upper design with a slightly more narrow neck so as not to interfere with specific attire. We searched everywhere and no one produced anything which met our quality standards. Being production and manufacturing professionals, we put our knowledge and experience to work and www.TKBoots.com was formed! When you purchase from TK Boots, you're purchasing from dedicated and highly experienced costuming fans who share your common interests and dedication to this wonderfully enjoyable hobby. You're not dealing with an overseas company whose only concern is profit and moving high volume.

Why are our prices so low?

We get this question quite often and the answer is simple: This is a serious venture, where quality takes priority over profit.  We enjoy helping our friends fulfill their interests and by manufacturing to the highest standard, we have established ourselves as the number 1 provider of white leather custom boots for 501st applications.

Now, sadly,  a number of people have produced low quality knock-offs of our boots and are selling them as 'TK Boots' or some obscure number. Rest assured, they're not authentic TK Boots. They also produce them quicker as quality is not their concern and they sell them at a price competitive to ours or higher. Their low production costs and inexpensive materials allows them to make an extremely high profit, but sadly, the fans ultimately pay the price, needing to replace their low quality boots much faster.

There is a reason why TK Boots are the most used and highly praised boots being trooped in around the world. Buy a pair and you'll see why.
Your feet will thank you!

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TK Boots is not affiliated with any studio or production company and claims no affiliation with such. Any images on this
site which may be construed as relating to any film or production is purely coincidental.
The boots displayed and sold from this web site are a reproduction 'disco style' boot and are in no way being sold or represented
as any style or design of boot from any film production or specific costume. The footwear sold from this site may be used in a multitude of applications and are not to be purchase and re-sold as anything but standard footwear.
www.TKBoots.com assumes no liability for misuse of this footwear or any misrepresentation of such footwear.